Enjoy this smutty story by a devoted slave...

 The Collar
By eric 

     Quietly she sits there in her big leather chair, watching him bathe himself. The stereo was on low and he did not hear her enter. He had arrived early and prepared the room with scented jasmine candles. He had placed them all around the room and around the tub. The air about the room was sensual and she liked that. She was pleased with the way he had set everything up. Perfect. He is a good pet to her and he tries very hard to please her. This is a special evening for both of them. This will be the night that she will collar him. He has proven himself well, though he still has much to learn. He has given his gift of submission to her, freely and fully without ever questioning her. And she knows it is time...he has earned it. It took her a week to pick out the right collar and she knew it would be perfect for all the things she had in mind for her pet in the future. As he rubs the soap over his skin his thoughts are on the evening ahead of him. What could Mistress have planned for the evening? She had emailed him that morning, telling him to be here tonight, to take special care in preparation of himself. He was to shave and bathe and his clothing would be on the bed, he was to be ready for her arrival.

     He glances over at the bed and sees the panties lying there. Black panties, her clothing that she wants him to wear. She watches him lift his balls to shave. The bubbles dance on his hardened nipples and the lighting of the candles makes his skin glow. Slowly he rises to shave his pubic area. His back is to her. He bends down to get the soap from the tub and his ass looks so enticing to her. She can see his soft cock and balls peeking out under his asshole. He soaps up his cock and lifts his right leg to shave under his balls, he knows Mistress likes that. She prefers his balls shaved and allows him to keep a patch of curls above his cock. Her pussy gets wet. She wants so badly for him to turn around, so she can see all of his beauty, but he doesn't know she's there. He rinses the suds from his body before getting out of the tub. He reaches for his towel...."Hello Slave"....he freezes in his tracks. Mistress? When did she come in? How long has she been there...in the dark...watching him? "Yes Mistress?" "Assume your position, my pet." she said in a low voice. "But i am dripping wet Mistress, may i please...."You dare question me...boy?" she raised her voice. "No Mistress." he stammers. he hates being called “boy” and she knows it. He is anything but a boy. A boy could not give to her what he as a man...has. But he would never dare tell this to her, for she would surely punish him. He assumed his position on the carpet in front of the tub. On his knees, thighs spread, hands behind his back and his head bowed. The water from his bath runs from his warm body. She watches the droplets drip from his hardened cock to the top of his thighs and down his legs. Again her pussy is getting wet. Her pussy aches. She watches the water drip from the curls of his mound down to the shaved balls. She wanted to fuck him right then and there, but it would be a long evening and there would be plenty of time for that. She shifts in her chair, adjusting her beautiful ass on the seat. "Come to me...slave." she growls. He moves hurriedly to her feet, kneeling in front of her chair. He looks so vulnerable there, on his knees, naked, dripping with his bath water. So vulnerable, so submissive. She takes his chin in her hand, raising his eyes to her. "Slave...I think the time has come...for you to know...who you belong to." she says softly. His heart skips a beat and begins to pound. "I have a special gift for you...my slave."

     She hands him a little black box, with a tiny red bow. He looks up to her from his knees, his eyes wide with amazement. "A Present...for me....Mistress? he whispers. "Yes Slave...a present...for you. Open it...Slave." He looks down at the box in his hands. It feels like his heart is beating a million beats a minute. He takes a deep breath and carefully opens the top of the box. His eyes widen with joy. Inside the box...lays a thin black leather...collar! It was smooth with silver studs all the way around it. Attached in the center of the collar is a medium sized O ring. It’s so beautiful to him. He runs his fingers over the silver studs and he can feel his cock begin to harden. He was going to be collared by her. Excitement races through his body. He feels tingly all over and his heart beats in his ears. He thought this day would never come. She must have thought him worthy of her ownership with such a beautiful collar as this. He has tried so hard in the past to please and pleasure her in the ways she desires. She felt that he deserved it and has waited for this day for what seemed like...forever! He looks up to her as she gently takes the collar from his hands. She can see the excitement in his eyes. Gently she buckles the collar around the soft skin of his neck. His body shivers but his eyes never leave hers. She takes his chin in her hand and kisses him gently on the lips, her tongue lightly teasing his mouth. His tongue finds hers and her kisses become aggressive, almost devouring, pressing deep into his soul...controlling! He now knows...who he belongs to. And the harness of his cock, gives away his pleasure for this woman...his Mistress! Withdrawing her mouth, nipping at his lips as she does, She sticks her finger in his mouth and he eagerly sucks it. The manner in which he sucked it made her pussy wet. Taking the finger from his mouth; she slides it down to the tip of his cock. He lets out a gasp. His cock is rock hard now. She looks at him amusingly. "My pet...does all this make you excited? I haven't even touched you yet and you are already this hard...slave? You are rock solid for me?" she asks him quietly. "Yes Mistress...Ma’am it is an honor to be collared by you. I have waited for this day forever...Mistress." he whispers softly, his eyes never leaving hers. The smile on her face...tells him once again he has pleased her. She takes her hand and gently grabs his cock moving it ever so slightly up and down to get him even harder and tease him. His hips move towards her teasing hand. He looks up to her with questioning eyes. She knows what he wants. "Yes…Slave...you want your ass to be fucked by my fingers." she says huskily?. He smiles wickedly as he grabs hold of her arm and begins to grind his hips to get more friction on his cock from her hand. He loved the feel of her touch, the feel of her hand stroking his cock… teasing him. He could cum by her hands alone. Her fingers expertly bringing themselves close to his ass, bringing him near ecstasy, but she has no intentions of letting him cum yet. He feels warm...and oh so hard. Her pussy is sopping wet now, her nectar aches...and again...she could fuck him right then and there. From the grind of his hips and the look on his face, she knew he could cum at any second. So she withdraws her hand from his cock, smearing his pre-cum on his lips. His hips pump against empty air. She chuckles as she licks a taste of his cum from her hand. He tastes good on her lips. She touches her pussy under her skirt with her hand. "If he only knew...he is in for probably what will be his hardest fuckin yet." she thinks to herself as she looks down on his sweet lips wrapped around her finger.

     She takes back control of her fingers and rises in front of his kneeling body. "Remove my skirt…..Slave." she says firmly. He obediently undoes the buttons on the back of Mistress’ skirt, and slides it over her gorgeous hips and down her legs. Her pussy is covered by her lovely lace panties. He gathers her skirt and neatly folds it, placing it next to her chair, her black lace panties that hide under the garter belt and stockings that cover her beautiful legs. He assumes his position back in front of her, head bowed. He so wants...to look up...look up and drink in the haunting beauty of his Mistress. Her dark eyes piercing his soul, her frame overpowering his hard body. She loved the power she had over him...and he loved letting her have it. It was what he needed...to be able to submit to someone he trusted dearly. What she needed...he gave freely... his submission. Her gorgeous frame towers over him. "Look at me little Slave." His yearning eyes look up to hers. "It is time for you to relieve some of the ache in your Mistress’ loins. I want you to lick my pussy!. Now!" she says firmly. He obediently puts his face on her pussy and lovingly brings his lips to her clit, as he pulls her panties to the side. His tongue licks and teases her like he is licking ice cream. Her legs tremble...but only a little. His fingers play with her ass as he slowly starts to tongue every inch of her sweet nectar and sucks both lips in his mouth in that teasing way he does. What a little slut he was to tease her this way...with his warm mouth fully engulfing her pussy, but never really sticking his tongue fully in. "Hmmm...you should not tease your Mistress in such a sluttish way... my slave. Now I'll have to make you lick and drink every bit of my cum down that warm throat." she whispers sternly near his ear. She wraps her fingers in his short spiked hair, pulling his mouth harder against her pussy, grinding her hips and smashing all of her pussy against his willing mouth and tongue. She knows he has a nice big and eager mouth and it won’t be hard for him to swallow every bit of her cum without spilling any. She starts to fuck his mouth ...with the fevered pump of her loins. He starts to panic...too much pussy and cum all at once. He finds it hard to breathe through the steady rhythm of grinding that she is applying to his mouth. His panic...excites her. Her fingers, still tangled in his hair...pull his mouth even harder against her pussy. He is left helpless in between her strong muscular thighs. He tries to push away. To no avail...she is much stronger then him with her legs and only his head and there is no way he can push her away. His panic and fear excites her even more and she sends her pussy even harder against his chin and mouth. He tries to fight it, this intrusion upon his face, but he is not strong enough. Never will he be strong enough to resist her warm, sweet, musky pussy. But it’s what he wants...She knows this is what he wants...he knows this is what he needs...to Have his limits tested...pushed. He could fight her off if he wanted to...but he won’t. She pulls his mouth hard against her pussy one last time...she lets out a moan of pleasure...and relief...as she creams against his face, chin, and waiting mouth. He relaxes his throat and lets her cum trickle down; swallowing every drop he could milk from her. She pulls her hips and pussy away from his mouth, leaving a drop of cum on his lips. His cock aches...he feels the need to cum immensely, but knows it would not be allowed yet...so he doesn't bother to ask for the pleasure. She sticks her hand between his thighs and grabs a forceful hold of the base of his rock hard shaft. Nice and hard. "Well slave...for trying to fight me off...you sure are as hard as you have ever been! Maybe you enjoy the fight...as much as I do." she tells him. He bows his head in shame. He knows she is right. He knows he enjoyed it as much as she. She lifts his chin and tells him not to be ashamed as she kisses the drop of cum...from his lip. Of course...there was no way she was finished with him yet. She slides her finger through the O ring of his collar and pulls him to her feet. She kisses him lightly on the lips as she fingers his nipples. They are hard and taunt and she takes the pleasure of tasting the hard little buds. He gasps at the touch of her tongue on his nipples, he loves this. The softness of her mouth but aggressiveness of her teeth, nipping his tender nipples, he didn't know how much longer she was going to tease him, or when the clothespins may come out and be placed on each nipple...or how much more he could take before she would let him cum... She always keeps him on the edge, ready to explode. She breaks him from his thoughts of ecstasy with a tug of his collar. She leads him over to the big bed and binds his hands together with some ties. Next to the bed, in the top draw of the dresser, she pulls out a small black horse’s tail whip. His body trembles. "What was Mistress going to do with that whip?" Slowly she caresses his backside with the whip. It felt smooth on his skin, almost refreshing. "Remember my slave...when you told me of your desires and your fears? Spankings scare my slave but, how would he know if he never experiences it?” she whispers near his ear. I have chosen this whip because I think it fits your ass...perfectly." she growled in his ear as she ran the brush over his ass.

     Panic sets in and his body trembles as he looks up into her eyes. He looks so enticing to her, standing there, looking at her with fear in his eyes. Like a trapped animal...who knows there's no way out. His vulnerability excites her. Her pussy gets wet, again. Her loins ache and the urge to fuck him right there...returns. Instead...she orders him on the bed...on his knees. "But Mistress...Please not with that whip. Maybe with your hand, but not the whip." he begs. She ignores his pleas and takes the handle and teases his asshole with it, trying to shove the tip in. He bucks a tad, not used to the rough leather / tip that are trying to enter his manhood. "Silence Slave! Your pleas will not help you now!" she growls. She pulls his ass up by his hips, making the perfect target. She can feel his body tremble under her touch. She likes that. Slowly she caresses the whip over the cheeks of his ass; her other hand slides between his thighs.  His cock yearns for her touch. He is still rock hard with the need to cum. She softly strokes him; his body relaxes under her touch. "SMACK"...the whip lands hard against the cheek of his ass...his body lunges forward on his bound wrists. The cheek of his ass was on fire, the white flesh turning pink with fire. She grabs his collar and turns him around – he will now pay tribute to his Mistress for letting him off with only one smack. She orders him to suck the end of the whip, to show how much of a little slut slave he really is. Once he does this to her satisfaction, he is allowed to lie on his back. She stands over him, showing her dominance, ordering her Slave to softly and gently lick her feet. He must make sure they are clean and suck each toe because Mistress loves that. He moans and starts to buck his hips against the air, slowly being intoxicated by the aroma of her feet. "You’re such a nasty little slave...my sweet boy, letting me allow you to lick my feet. This is the way I like you best…nasty" she says warmly in his ear as she kneels down on the bed and onto his stomach. He loved when she talked to him like that, making her powerful in his submission. He moaned with pleasure, on the verge of cuming, as Mistress inched her pussy closer to his face and she began lightly stroking his cock again. She could see his need to cum and suddenly stopped, to his disappointment, but this is her power and he will only cum when allowed. She tossed the whip on the bed beside him, rolling him over back on his knees. His ass up in the air, red with the welt of the spanking he just received. His cock, rock hard, stiff, and dripping with pre-cum, inviting her to invade his vulnerability. She wet her finger with the wet stickiness of his pre-cum and slowly slid it in the tight hole of his ass. He jerked forward and she pulled him back by the hips against her finger. He let out a loud moan as her finger slid in the tight hole. She can’t hold back any longer. Her pussy is drenched and her desire overwhelming. And she knows he needs to cum as well. She reaches in the drawer and pulls out her Strap-on, medium length and black. He does not realize that his ass is going to be fucked in a few seconds until he feels her setting up behind him. She straps the belts around her gorgeous hips and thighs and enters the double-sided part up her own pussy, not just allowing her slave to have pleasure. She gently pours out the lotion all over his ass and cunt, getting it ready for her “cock.” His hips buck and she pulls him further down on her “cock”, slowly sinking it to the end. This is her favorite position. She can fill his cunt with all her cock this way. His cunt was oh so tight. Slowly she pumps her cock in and out of his now opening hole. He squeezes her cock with the walls of his cunt, now fully accepting his position and liking it! As she slams her cock harder and harder inside him. His moans become louder with each stroke. He feels like he is going to explode. His ass burns when her warm sweaty loins slam against his cheeks. "Mistress...I...I...need to cum”......his legs tremble under him as his orgasm approaches. She is getting off on this just as much as the double sided strap-on fills her wet pussy with each thrust; she is about to cum herself and orders her slave to hold out. She can’t hold back...she begins to moan and pump harder and faster, timing it as her orgasm overtakes her body and her slave can only feel the pounding of her fucking his cunt. She screams with delight as her pussy engulfs her side of the strap-on cuming all over it.

     She pulls the strap-on out of him, telling him to go get stuff to clean it up, and he obliges. He comes back to find the part of the strap-on that was in her – poking at his mouth. “Suck off my cum, you little ass Slut!!” she demands. He obeys, and licks the side that was in her clean of her juices. She then tells him to put on her panties that she had on earlier and become the little whore slave that he was meant to be. He cannot imagine anything more humiliating, but again, this is what he needs, what he wants, and how he wants to show his Mistress of his submissive side. As he wears her panties, he is ordered to lie down on the ground; she brings her pussy inches from his face, only allowing him to take in her musky, sweet aroma. She teases her slave, taunting him, asking him how bad he wants another taste of the most pleasurable prize….her glistening pussy. After what seems like forever she dives down on his face, thighs covering his ears, somewhat smothering him, his only choice is to lap and lick at her pussy, for he knows that she will only let him up after she cums, yet again.
She tugs at her mound, allowing her to see his reddening face and how well he can eat her pussy. She teases her own clit, now ordering him to lick her ass and pussy so she can bury her cum in his mouth and face once again. He obliges, how can he resist, if he did, he knows Mistress would not allow him to cum and punish him, his balls ache, his cock is still so hard – begging for some sort of release to the point where it almost is unbearable. She dismounts his face after gushing all over it. She ties his hands up to each of the bed legs…….this is what they both wanted, she straddles his cock, barley inching her sopping wet pussy over his head. He wrestles with his restraints, wanting to grab her, wanting to push her down on his cock, but to no avail. She slowly slides down, making his heart race as he feels the ecstasy taking over his body, he wants to explode, but knows he has to do it on command, that is what this is about. She finally absorbs his whole cock in her pussy, just sitting there, knowing any big, sudden movement can set off a whirlwind of an orgasm. He moans and begs for release, as his Mistress grins her evil smile. Her pussy walls tighten around his stiff cock and then release – she repeats this, reading each expression of her slaves face knowing when he might explode. Now is the time, she orders him to cum as she starts to ride his cock up and down. With his hands tied, he starts to feel the cum rise up his shaft, his balls tighten, harder than ever before…… just as he is about to blow, she reaches under and sticks her finger in his ass, making him buck and scream in total ecstasy. He shoots his seed in her for what feels like a 10 minute orgasm. She proceeds to slide up off his cock and again orders her slave to clean her pussy, now filled with her and his cum. When he is finished, Mistress leaves her slave there for a bit to recollect on what could have been the best orgasm in his life – also letting him recollect on how lucky he is as her slave and that everything that he experienced was because she ordered it or allowed it! 

     Sitting back in Her leather lounge chair, She orders him to kneel at her feet, his face still covered in cum. Ms Cassandra slips her finger through the O ring of his collar and gives it a stern tug, "You'll always be mine, slave...forever..."