Session Screening

Before I will entertain you with My wit, wisdom, and wickedness the following screening protocol must occur-


Be sure to read and understand this entire section--

I will not session with any new plaything until I receive and reply to your request form, and have a 15 minute phone conversation to  determine our compatibility.

You are to follow all My instructions to the letter and be prompt when arriving to our appointments. 


  • Donations will only be discussed during our initial telephone interview and are similar to other talented Ladies in the SF Bay Area and reflect My years of experience and overall excellence.
  • Donations will include space rental fee and tip for the maid at Black Thorn in Oakland.  
  • All first time playmates must make a Venmo deposit immediately after our phone chat and no less than 36 hours before our agreed upon rendezvous date or our reserved time will be deleted.
  • A deposit may be required at My discretion if: we haven't seen each other in a while; you're unsure of your schedule;  you're just unreliable.
  • I do not negotiate donations, so please do not ask.
  • Out-call appointments of two hour minimum require an additional donation and a deposit to Venmo  at least 5 hours in advance of all sessions.
  • Cash is Queen but complete donation via Venmo is great too! 
  • Credit cards are not accepted...period.
  • Any potential electronic donation disputes will require Me to submit all correspondence and any other proof of communication / interaction we've had. don't want Me airing dirty laundry, do you?


In-call  sessions

I am typically available Monday-Saturday, 11am to 10pm. I may consent to a late night appointment (10pm-1am) but must be at least two hours in duration.

In-call sessions are now held at Black Thorn with its wonderful playrooms and unbelievable furniture and equipment. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy and anything less will require you to pay the complete rental fee.

Hygiene requirements

Come freshly showered and deodorized. Make sure to brush your teeth twice in case I want to kiss you. For all insertion play, give yourself a thorough enema before arriving.  Afterwards, you may clean up in the sanitized bathroom with minty mouthwash, unscented soap and fresh towels. You'll leave relaxed and fresh-as-a-daisy! 

Out-call sessions

Two hour minimum out-call sessions are available with an additional donation to cover travel time, distance, driving conditions, gas, bridge tolls, public transportation fees, and dealing with Bay Area traffic. 

Be specific when describing your fetish desires so I can pack My black bag accordingly.

Hygiene requirements

I expect you to be freshly showered, deodorized and teeth brushed upon My arrival, including a thorough enema for any insertion play activities.

NOTE: All hotel / garage parking fees require an additional donation.

If I'm meeting you in a public location beforehand, a selfie may be required so I can pick you out in the crowd, so smile and say "cheese!"



Please make initial contact by sending your Request Form.

I will reply within 1-48 hours, then we will set up a time for you to call Me at 510-953-8427